Gardens of Chiang Mai – Botanical Glory

Chiang Mai, the largest and most culturally significant city in northern Thailand is also the capital of Chiang Mai province. It is located about 700 km north of Bangkok. Over some years now, the province has been visited by over 5 million visitors, most of which are foreigners.The province became popular with the Chiang Mai Initiative that was concluded between the ASEAN nations and the 3 countries China, Japan and South Korea. It is also one of the three Thai cities aiming to host the world expo 2020. The province is a mountainous region mostly covered by tropical jungles. The province is home to wildlife, national parks and some exquisite and beautiful gardens.The gardens in Chiang Mai are breathtakingly beautiful and constitute a wide range of gardens like Dokmai Garden, Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden and the Mall Gardens. Gardens in Chiang Mai are open to guests. There are botanical gardens that are fun places to learn about flora and fauna. The Dokmai garden is run by the Swedish botanist Eric Danell. It is spread around 4 hectares. What is exquisite there is the wide range of flowers, fish, and beautiful butterflies and other living creatures.The queen Sirikit Botanical Garden is located in a beautiful mountain range. This garden is the perfect placed to relax and enjoy the nature. The Thai students there are very helpful and will give you important information on endangered species. As you walk through the luscious garden, you will be overwhelmed and captivated by its scenic beauty. There are a large variety of flora, fauna, shrubs, flowers, trees and grasses that will provide a charming visual delight to your eyes.You will be equally captivated by the gentle cascades and beautiful streams that you will find all along your way. It is truly a treat to all the senses. Walk around the garden and you will be mesmerized by the visual delight of the luscious green grass, the gentle music of the flowing cascade, the velvet touch of the charming flower buds.Apart from this, most of Chiang Mai’s gardens provide resorts and other places of stay. The Thai cuisine is worth trying out, with a number of delicious dishes and sweets. A guest house accommodation is always available. This is more or less, like a budget hotel or a bed and breakfast place. There is also a fitness center and massage center available for those customers who pre book their tours.The gardens in Chiang Mai also have a spiritual side. There are many temples in Thailand with exquisite and rich architecture. Some gardens provide meditation and prayer sessions. You don’t have to be a Buddhist or a Taoist to take a part in these sessions. Many non- Buddhists attend these services as a means of cultural awareness of the region.The gardens are home to fishes, animals and birds. They are well known for their botanical beauty and diversity. Nowhere in the world will you ever come across such diverse plants and shrubs as in gardens of Chiang Mai.

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